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Take care of your land, and take care of your people.

– Angelo Sangiacomo

Three generations of our family have farmed in Sonoma beginning in 1927.  Drawing from our family history rooted deeply in farming and a genuine passion for grape growing, our wines showcase the very best of our estate vineyards. For over 50 years we have been committed to growing some of the finest grapes in Sonoma County, and we are proud to now introduce a series of wines that showcase our own artistic expression of our vineyards. We are inspired by legacy – an unwavering commitment to learn, grow and build value for the next generation.

The Sangiacomo family has been farming in Sonoma County since 1927, and for over
50 years has farmed premium wine grapes in Sonoma soil. Three generations of the family have been dedicated to growing some of the finest grapes in Sonoma County and Napa Valley from vineyards that are 100% certified sustainable. We are committed to crafting the finest wines from our estate vineyards and cementing our position amongst the very best
in new world California Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Steve and Connie Sangiacomo+

Steve and Connie Sangiacomo, Partners

Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo+

Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo, Partners

Mia and Mike Pucci+

Mia and Mike Pucci, Partners

James MacPhail+

James MacPhail, Winemaker

Steve and Connie Sangiacomo

Steve and Connie Sangiacomo, Partners

Steve Sangiacomo is a third-generation partner at Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, located in Sonoma, California where his family has farmed since 1927. He grew up on the ranch and began learning the ropes from his father and extended family at a young age. As far back as he can remember, he clamored to tag along with his father and uncles during early morning frost protection after which he enjoyed a special treat — doughnuts. He took to the fields early and recalls jumping off a tractor to race to seventh-grade orientation. In his early 20s, he began learning the family business from the ground up and in his 30s he and his brother Mike took over the reins.

Today Steve shares responsibility with his brother for managing the family’s 1600 acres of vineyards as well as grape sales to more than 70 premium wineries, many of whom vineyard-designate their wines with the Sangiacomo name. He also oversees his family’s own newly-released wine label, Sangiacomo Family Wines. He flat out loves his job, particularly the wide variety of responsibilities spanning the agricultural, strategic, and operational aspects of the business.

He has lived his entire life in Sonoma Valley with the exception of his college years at St. Mary’s where he studied business and economics and an internship at the Xerox Corporation. He never wavered, however, in his desire to return to the ranch.

Steve is a board member of the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission, the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Association, the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation, and the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation.

A natural athlete, he calls upon his earlier experience as a high school basketball, football and baseball player as well as college football to serve as a volunteer coach for Little League baseball and CYO basketball.

Steve lives in Sonoma with his wife, Connie, and their sons Drew and Sam. When not in the vineyards or spending time with his family, he enjoys playing golf.

Steve and Connie Sangiacomo can be contacted at steve@sangiacomo-vineyards.com.


Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo

Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo, Partners

Mike Sangiacomo is a third generation partner at Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, located in Sonoma, California where his family has farmed since 1927. He has lived and breathed agriculture from the day he was born. His grandfather taught him how to prune fruit trees from the ground up when he was eight years old and was too short to climb the ladder. Later he was thrilled when, at age 12, his uncle Buck let him drive the fork lift during harvest. Shortly thereafter he began assisting at the inspection station for pears as they were sorted for the canneries. When the family business transitioned from orchards to vineyards he began learning the intricacies of grapegrowing and has never looked back.

He has lived his entire life in Sonoma Valley with the exception of his college years at Santa Clara University where he studied business and marketing and a year working at Charles Schwab. In his heart he always knew that he would return to Sonoma Valley and the family business.

He shares responsibility with his brother Steve for managing the family’s 1600 acres of vineyards as well as grape sales to more than 70 premium wineries, many of whom vineyard-designate their wines with the Sangiacomo name. He particularly enjoys the daily agricultural challenges as well as the long-term strategic challenges of nurturing and sustaining a large family business. He takes great pleasure in growing a tangible product that is ultimately so enjoyable to share with friends and family.

Mike is a Commissioner of the Fiscal Oversight Commission of the Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District and a current board member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, the North Bay Water District, the Sonoma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency, and the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance.

He continues his lifelong passion for sports that began when he lettered in football, basketball and baseball in high school and then played football and rugby in college. After twenty years as an Assistant Football Coach at Sonoma Valley High School,  he began coaching Little League baseball and CYO basketball. He loves coaching kids as he feels there are great life lessons to be learned through sports.

Mike lives in Sonoma with his wife, Whitney, and their children, Joe, Julia, and Robby. When not in the vineyards or spending time with his family, he enjoys hiking and playing golf.

Mike and Whitney Sangiacomo can be contacted at mike@sangiacomo-vineyards.com.


Mia and Mike Pucci

Mia and Mike Pucci, Partners

Mia Pucci is a third-generation partner at Sangiacomo Family Vineyards, located in Sonoma, California where her family has farmed since 1927. She considers herself lucky to have had the chance to grow up on the ranch and fondly remembers many hours as a child spent playing in the vineyards, skipping rocks in the creek, or working in the garden.

A graduate of Dominican College, she gained ten years of experience working in San Francisco for brewer Scottish and Newcastle prior to returning to Sonoma Valley with her husband Mike.

While her brothers and husband work on the front line of the business, she prefers to work behind the scenes, offering guidance on all major strategic decisions. She also works hard to keep the family heritage alive. She is well-known and respected for her culinary skills, particularly preparing her grandmother’s famous raviolis with gravy for family gatherings hosted at her home.

She lives in Sonoma with her husband Mike and their two children, Michaela and Dom. She is proud of what her family has achieved and is thrilled to be able to raise her children in such a beautiful and strong community, amongst her extended family and many friends. In her spare time she enjoys volunteer work in the community, cooking, and hiking.

Mia and Mike Pucci can be contacted at mia@sangiacomo-vineyards.com.


James MacPhail

James MacPhail, Winemaker

James MacPhail grew up just north of San Francisco in Marin County where, since the 1880s, members of his family have been pillars of the local business community. Between the dairy farm in western Sonoma County and the building materials, electronics and propane businesses in Marin County, James was raised with a strong work ethic, all the while learning valuable lifeskills and interests that would lead him to where he is today. A passion for entrepreneurial business and a love for the land are at the center of both his personal and professional lives. Well-rounded and self-disciplined, James became an accomplished classical pianist and bagpiper, as well as a dedicated sportsman. He excelled at competitive swimming and water polo, and today is still a daily Masters swimmer. When he successfully swam the Golden Gate in 1983, he was the youngest person to have completed the crossing.

With a lively interest in both business and hospitality, James attended the University of Redlands in the 1980s. After both parents passed away, he later enrolled in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and earned dual B.S. degrees in Business and Hotel Administration. Remembering that his father encouraged him to blaze his own trail at all times, James designed his own work/study program to pursue what fascinated him most: wine. In the mid 1990s, James began working with wineries and growers in Sonoma County, focusing on the craft of winemaking – Pinot Noir in particular. He developed a fascination with Pinot Noir grown in the cooler regions, and at the time, the new frontier in CA grape growing: the far reaches of the “true” Sonoma Coast, and the Anderson Valley appellation, in Mendocino County. In 2002, James launched his own brand: MacPhail Family Wines. The wine business satisfies James’ interest in his penchant for the creative and artistic – accepting the challenge and responsibility of crafting wines at a world-class level. He selects and works with growers who share his commitment to sustainable farming and understand the significance of terroir-based, vineyard designate wine. James makes wine – naturally, in small batches, by hand. He is a believer in traditional, old-world techniques and minimal intervention.

In 2007, James was asked by The Hess Collection to start Sequana, an exclusive Pinot Noir program focused on Pinot from the Russian River, Sonoma Coast and Santa Lucia appellations.

In 2008, he completed one of his visions of owning his own winery. That brick and mortar building sits in his backyard just 50 feet from his house. In 2011, it was mutually agreed that The Hess Collection would acquire MacPhail Family Wines, so that James could focus on his love of winemaking. In June 2016, James decided not to renew his contract with The Hess Collection so that he could take the next step in his career – taking his knowledge and expertise in crafting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and do it for others.

Since 2002, James has produced over 100 different Pinots and Chardonnays with 90+ point scores making him one of only a few members of the 90+/90+ Club in Sonoma County. While his final departure from the brand he created is bittersweet, James is excited to start the next phase of his lifelong dream of being a contributing liaison between friends & family and the land.

James MacPhail can be contacted at james@sangiacomowines.com.



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